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Wild Atlantic Salmon have been migrating back to the Bandon River for hundreds of years. Every year these amazing fish make their return journey from the North Atlantic Sea and travel back to the very rivers they hatched in. The Bandon River is well known locally for its ability to produce big salmon with many double figure fish weighing up to 15lb to 20lb are caught every year.

The fishing season starts from February 15th to September 30th after which the season closes to enable the fish to complete their important journey to spawn.

The river is best fished for salmon after much rain has fallen (during a dropping flood is preferred) which in turn encourages the salmon to run the river. Salmon flies that work well are the Hairy Mary, Silver Doctor, Cascade,  Collie Dog and Black Silver etc.. Our friendly and experienced fishing guides can help you out by arranging your fishing permit, taking you to the best pools and offer helpful advise on tactics and fly selection.

Salmon Fishing Rules
In Ireland Atlantic Salmon are enshrined as a protected fish under strict EU and Irish laws. A salmon fishing licence is required if you are to fish for salmon. Gill tags are provided with your licence which may entitle you to keep some fish for eating depending on the local bye laws in place. These licences are available to buy in most local tackle stores. The State Body in charge of our fisheries is Inland Fisheries Ireland, who protect our countries waterways and resident fish.

Rod & Line Setup
The Bandon is a small to medium sized spate river so there is no need for a large 14/15 foot double handed spey rod. A 13 foot 10/11 weight double handed fly rod is ideal for the Bandon when salmon fishing. Floating line is the preferred line of choice. If you need to get the fly down deep then we recommend you use an attachable sinking tip line.

Guided Fly Fishing for Salmon
We provide helpful, knowledgeable and friendly fishing guides who know the river very well. Whether your are a beginner or experienced salmon fly fisherman, our guides are on hand to help you catch that fish and provide tuition if needed.



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7th July 2008 Bill Canning from Kilkenny was spinning with a "Blue Fox" spinner on the River Bandon club waters when he hooked this magnificent salmon. It weighed an impressive 28 lbs. 3 oz.

Below is a typical Bandon River salmon. Note the gill tag which locks around the gill. These gill tags have a serial number that must be recorded in the anglers licence/log book.




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