"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process." Paul O'Neil, 1965




Our friendly and experienced fishing guides provide a quality service to our fishing guests. The Bandon River flows along some of the most scenic locations in Ireland with healthy numbers of salmon, sea trout and brown trout throughout the system. Fly rods and equipment are provided. Half Days & Full Days available, just book online!

The Bandon River - A journey through time...

Togher CastleThe River Bandon is one of Ireland’s most pleasant and peaceful rivers. Rising on the slopes of the Shehy Mountains, it meanders eastwards through Dunmanway, Bandon and Innishannon until it flows past picturesque Kinsale to complete its journey to the sea.

A few miles east of its source lies Togher Castle, a 16th Century fortress built by the McCarthys.

All that remains of their castle now is an evocative shell overlooking the river, echoing with history...


Sam Maguire DunmanwayWe come next to Dunmanway, home town of the GAA’s Sam Maguire, where we meet potter Finn Kearney who was brought up on the banks of the river.

“We played there all the time when we were young”, he says. “One of my strongest memories is going up with my parents and swimming on a Sunday.”





The ruins of Castle Bernard in the Bandon ValleyThe troubled history of the Bandon Valley is also evident at the ruins of Castle Bernard. We meet Frances Carter, the granddaughter of the Earl of Bandon who was kidnapped by Tom Barry and his flying column in the final weeks of the War of Independence.

Famous for its salmon, the Bandon is rich with fishing lore, stories of the ones that got away and of poachers and their brazen humour. A retired Garda, Noel Kevane tells of a souvenir left for the river bailiffs – a salmon skeleton with a note attached: “Where were you when I was in trouble?”


The Mayor of the town of Bandon, Gillian Coughlan, proudly boasts of the town’s produce – “the finest meat and bacon in Ireland”.





However these days maybe its most famous export is comedian and TV Host, Graham Norton and who better to tell us about him than his mother, Mrs. Rhoda Walker.

Was Graham funny as a boy? “He could be,” she replies, “but I’m not saying too much about him because he’ll eat me.” A scenic river walk was opened in Bandon 2013 named the Graham Norton Walkway.

The river winds its way onto Innishannon, it means alot to Alice Taylor, popular author of “To School Through The Fields”. “If I’m having a bad day I walk over to the bridge and I lean over the river. There’s something about the river, it’s so calming.”

The final stretch of this beautiful river glides past the rowing at Kimacsimon and onto the estuary and harbour at Kinsale guarded by the forts, James & Charles of yesteryear.


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