Fly Fishing Ireland

"Even eminent chartered accountants are known, in their capacity as fishermen, blissfully to ignore differences between seven and ten inches, half a pound and two pounds, three fish and a dozen fish."
William Sherwood Fox, Silken Lines & Silver Hooks, 1954

1. Obey all state and local fishing laws.

2. Always recognize and respect property rights. Always ask permission first. Public waters are disappearing quickly and we must show the utmost respect to the property owners to show we are gentlemen.

3. Do not litter. If you brought it in, take it out.

4. Approach the water slowly and quietly. Do not enter the water anywhere near an angler who is already fishing in the water. A section of water belongs to the first person fishing it, pools and runs are rotated; start at a distance above the angler up river and move down.

5. If a nearby angler has a fish on, yield to that person and if necessary, lend a helping hand by offering to assist with a landing net.

6. After you have hooked a fish, do not play it excessively. Land and net the fish as quickly as you can. Keep it in the water as much as possible, the fish should be returned quickly and safely.

7. Never light a fire on someone else's property.

8. Use common sense.

9. Always carry your salmon / sea trout licence with you while fishing. Fisheries Officers from Inland Fisheries Ireland conduct spot checks from time to time. Failure to produce your licence may result in prosecution.

10. Be aware of overhead electric wires.

11. Return all Kelts. What are Kelts? Kelts are salmon/sea trout that have spawned from the previous season and are on their journey back down river out to sea to feed again. These fish will have a slim/slender appearance, be fully silver and are aggressive feeders, easily caught. Kelts should be recorded in your salmon logbook.

12. Do not wear bright clothing whilst fishing it will scare the fish.

13. Do not bring your dog while fishing. Dogs can run into fishing lines with hooks being embedded into your pet or worse a fisherman.

14. Be weary of bulls when entering or crossing fields. Never turn your back to a bull. Keep gates closed.

A Guide to Better Catch & Release Practice

If you plan to release fish safely back to water here is a very informative and helpful video

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