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Salmon Conservation Stamp Funding

While this funding source is known colloquially as a conservation stamp, legally it is a component of the salmon licence fee, the proceeds of which are dedicated, on foot of a ministerial direction to the fisheries boards, to investment in salmon stock and habitat rehabilitation.

A salmon conservation stamp has been applied to all salmon rod licences and commercial salmon fishing licences since 2007. The salmon conservation stamp applied is equivalent to and additional to the licence fee in each category.

The revenue generated from the salmon conservation stamp is being reinvested in salmon stock rehabilitation and habitat improvement and will be ring-fenced and designated for the purpose of prioritised investment in salmon conservation initiatives. Funding is allocated to rehabilitate salmon rivers which are below their conservation limit and have the greatest prospect of recovery.

Remedial works are proposed by the Regional Fisheries Boards for rivers where maximum benefit can be expected to accrue. The type of works funded to date include rehabilitation of degraded habitat, input of spawning gravels, shrub clearance, and provision of fish passes.

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